The Limit of transformations your Character can have is 12. You earn 1 transformation every 10 days. You first start with False Super Saiyan then Super Saiyan then Super Saiyan 2 then Mystic then Super Saiyan 3 then Super Saiyan 4. Then Super Saiyan 5 then Super Saiyan 6 then Super Saiyan 7 then Super Saiyan 8 then Super Saiyan 9 then Super Saiyan 10. the Other 2 left behind you have to make it up on your own. 

Attacks/Power WavesEdit

You can learn 1 attack from your master and 1 power wave from your master. The Other 1 Attack and other 1 Power Wave you can make up. Your Ultimate Attack can be made up or from your master. It's up to your Master to decide.


There are a lot of races you can pick from. Like Saiyan. Namekian. Human. Kai. And others.

History Edit

Your History can be twisted up or nice and dandy. 

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